Adequate Funding for Student Success

More than two decades have passed since the Education Reform Act became law in 1993; over $4 billion in Chapter 70 state aid goes to cities, towns and regional school districts every year. Yet, there has never been a thorough analysis of whether the schools have sufficient resources to enable students to meet state standards.

Until now.

As a result of 2014 legislation, the Foundation Budget Review Commission — a panel of legislators, state administrators, educators and business leaders — spent the fall and winter assessing the appropriate level of funding for K-12 public education. The commission, of which MTA President Barbara Madeloni is a member, heard testimony at public hearings held across the state. The commission then issued a preliminary report on its findings on June 30, 2015.

Reviving the commission was a top legislative priority of the MTA.

The Basics

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The Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center offers a wealth of resources on state budget and tax policies, including the Massachusetts education funding system. The links below help to shed light on Chapter 70 funding.

Understanding the education funding formula

Deeper Dive