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ED Talks 2013

ED Talks 2013

On August 5, 2013, seven speakers shared their "big ideas" about educating the whole student. The event, ED Talks: Big Ideas About Educating the Whole Student, took place at the MTA Summer Conference in Williamstown.

The Space to Breathe: Using Meditation in the Classroom - Camille Napier Bernstein

Making a Tofu Burger and Winning the Lottery: Deb Socia

Razing Readers: Laura Beals D'Elia

Creativity, Curiosity and Collaboration: Christine Lucey-Meager

Creating Possibilities for Everyone: Becky Curran

The City as a Classroom: Max Grinnell

It's All Relative: Chris Bruno


We're now accepting applications for ED Talks 2014: Big Ideas About Education. Click here to learn more and apply.