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Labor-Management Collaboration: Using TeLLS Data to Address Achievement Gaps and School Improvement

Too often school data is used as a scorecard rather than the basis for improvement. The Using TeLLS Results to Address Achievement Gaps professional development program is focused on helping districts and schools use results from the Massachusetts Teaching, Learning and Leading Survey (MassTeLLS) in conjunction with other district performance indicators to define improvement goals, develop action plans, and build internal capacity to implement strategies that result in improved student achievement.

After the 2008 MassTeLLS results were tabulated, district and association/union leaders were invited to participate in a collaborative labor‐management professional development program using this handbook as a guide. The materials here were piloted in four school districts during the 2008 summer and into the 2008‐09 academic year. In addition, over 30 school and district labor‐management teams participated in 3‐hour sessions held in all regions of the Commonwealth.

This handbook is the result of team trainings, evaluations from team members, and professional conversations among the TeLLS facilitators.

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