Polls Swinging Our Way!


Voters listen when educators speak - so let's keep talking.

As #NoOn2 lawn signs pop up all over the state and polls continue to trend in our direction, one thing is crystal clear: Voters are listening to you.

The Boston Globe reports that Democrat Anne-Marie Codur, a Tufts University researcher who sends her son to Brookline High School, "said conversations with local teachers played a central role in building her opposition to charter expansion. 'I didn't know, at the start, [where I would land on the issue],' said Codur, standing in her doorway on a recent morning. 'But I read, I listened to NPR, and I talked to educators here - I know many teachers here, and they are the ones who really made up my mind.'"

Educators are the best messengers, but it sure is sweet to have Boston Mayor Marty Walsh on our side. Read his powerful condemnation of Question 2 - and please share it with others on social media.

No on 2 Across the State
Across the state, educators and allies have been taking to the airwaves and editorial pages to say #NoOn2. Fall River Teachers' Association President Rebecca Cusick represented our position at a forum this week. You can watch the entire debate here or skip to her amazing closing statement. 

Let's keep the conversations going. Sign up here for even one hour of phone banking and be part of the movement we are building. Go here for a full list of Save Our Public Schools events, and go here to find out about one event to consider this weekend in Swampscott, Governor Charlie Baker's town!

Other Education and Labor Actions
UMass Boston faculty and staff have continued to protest budget cuts and austerity measures.

Educators in Burlington, Vermont - responding to management imposition of working conditions - have called for a strike to begin tomorrow, and they need our support. Go here to lend a hand.

High-stakes testing remains one item on our organizing agenda. I highly recommend this lovely book of poems and prose about teaching/learning/testing and making meaning of life.

In solidarity, an in anticipation of many great things ahead,