No On 2 Needs YOU!

Just five weeks until Election Day.
You've probably seen the Yes on 2 ads by now. Do they make your blood boil? Most of them feature a "public school teacher," though these individuals actually work in publicly funded, privately run charter schools. And several of the ads end with the line, "The truth is, Question 2 will result in more funding for public education." To put it politely: Hogwash.
The Save Our Public Schools campaign has run ads countering those claims, including this one.
The "Yes" side has a lot more money for ad buys because of backing from wealthy out-of-state-financial interests, including the Koch brothers, Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch, Texas billionaire John Arnold and Jim and Alice Walton of union-busting Walmart fame. Do these people know anything about the needs of our public school students? Do they care? Or are they mainly interested in privatizing public services and wiping out public employee unions because we advocate for progressive causes such as fair pay for employees and higher taxes on millionaires to fund education? You decide.
They are going to outspend us on ad buys. That is a simple truth. But we have what they do not have: YOU. When we talk to voters, they come to our side. Real people in conversation are stronger than TV ads. But that means we MUST do the work - talk to one voter at a time. We need you to:
- Join a phone bank in one of MTA's regional offices. These are held every Monday through Thursday (except Columbus Day). Go here for more details.
- Join a canvass and talk to voters at the door. There is one every Saturday starting at 9:30 a.m., leaving from the parking lot in front of MTA headquarters at 2 Heritage Drive, Quincy. Go to the SOPS events page to find a canvass near you and let the organizers know that the MTA sent you.
- Organize and/or participate in a visibility and leafleting effort on Thursday, October 6: Walk-In Day. Gather outside your school a half-hour before the start of the day for the visibility and then walk in together. Wear stickers and post images on social media, using the hashtag #NoOn2.
We also need members to organize and attend local forums in their communities, to write letters to the editor, and to consistently post the #NoOn2 message on all forms of social media. The threat is very real. Together we can win this - if everyone takes part.
In solidarity, and in anticipation of many great things ahead,