When We Act Together, We Win


You've heard a lot from me about the campaign to #keepthecap and vote #NoOn2. Besides being a battle that must be won in order to preserve public education, this campaign is also an opportunity to build union power. I am always thinking about how to win on Nov. 8, but I am also thinking about how we are building our power to win after the election - on  testing, teacher evaluations, fully funding public education (preK-12 and higher education), and realizing our vision for public education.

How do we build power? We act - as leaders, as activists, as supporters. Check out this simple link from the book "Secrets of a Successful Organizer." How are you involved in building power for our union? When we act together to keep the cap on charters, we will have exercised our strength and built the coalitions we need to keep winning.

Here are some things we can do in the next few weeks:

Raise Our Voices

Ours are the most respected voices on public education issues. Let's speak up! I want to encourage as many MTA members as possible to join me at 7 p.m. next Wednesday, Aug. 31, for a Telephone Town Hall on Question 2. The conversation will give you a chance to ask questions and hear from fellow MTA members about the most effective ways to persuade voters to keep the cap on charters. Click here to find out how to participate in this important discussion!

Other opportunities:

Phone banks are being held most Mondays through Thursdays in regional offices. Go here for more information. Give us two hours. You will be so glad you did!

Canvassing can seem scary at first, but if you want to feel the support of the public for educators, just knock on a door and say, "I am a teacher...." Check out these canvassing opportunities this weekend: for Saturday click here, and for Sunday click here.

Raise Our Visibility

The #NoOn2 campaign has bumper stickers, buttons and lawn signs. Let's cover the Commonwealth with our conviction: You can pick these up from regional MTA offices or check with your local president or field rep.

The MTA is preparing local informational fliers to share with parents. Organize a stand-out at your building and/or plan to leaflet on parents' night.

Show Our Solidarity

Join the National Walk-in to Save Our Public Schools on Thursday, Oct. 6. Invite parents and students to join you 30 minutes before the start of the school day. Hold signs and walk in to your school together as a show of our shared commitment to public education. Thousands of schools are participating. Learn more here.

Join UMass Boston faculty and staff in protesting the policies of Secretary of Education James Peyser at a "Peyser the Privatizer" rally on Sept. 15. You can find more information here.

More Items of Importance and Interest

Our sisters and brothers and the communities they serve in Louisiana have been devastated by recent flooding. Please click here to make a contribution to support recovery efforts.

If you had any doubt that the privatizers' plan is to undo public education and dismantle the rights of working people, check out this video. Beware. So-called "personalized learning" is trying to gain a foothold in Massachusetts. Educate yourselves and stop this wreck before it gets going.

The good news? People are catching onto the scam, and comedian John Oliver is helping our cause. This video has Oliver's typically strong language (skip this if salty language offends), but uses it to capture the real and present dangers of charter schools. Check it out. 

In solidarity, and in anticipation of many great things ahead,