Keep the Cap Week of Action June 6-10


The Save Our Public Schools campaign to keep the cap on charter schools is heating up. To build momentum as we head toward the summer break, the campaign is planning a Week of Action from June 6-10. While we are emphasizing different actions for different days of the week, you should feel free to do whatever actions work best for you. It is most powerful if you can connect the charter issue to your positive vision for the public schools that the students and educators in your community deserve.

The goal is to show support for public schools for all and opposition to lifting the cap on unaccountable charters. Reaching out to school committees and taking pictures with preprinted or handmade signs or with campaign stickers are great ways to spread the message. We are attempting to get stickers to as many locals as possible before June 6. We also know that educators are creative. Use whatever you have on hand and whatever works in your community to spread the word during the Week of Action and beyond.

Week of Action - June 6-10

GOAL: Connect Save Our Public Schools to local education issues and the November ballot question

Save Our Public Schools was launched in March to fight the proposed ballot measure to lift the cap on charter schools - schools that already drain more than $400 million a year from our district public schools. The MTA is a major participant in the "keep the cap" effort. This is a great opportunity to identify supporters and raise public awareness about the issue. Here are some action options.

Day 1 - Keep It Local : Monday, June 6

Highlight the importance of keeping local control of education and the negative impact that lifting the cap would have on your schools. Thank your School Committee members if they have passed a resolution; ask them to consider passing one if they haven't. Go here to see if your community has taken action. Go here for a sample resolution.

Ask: Contact your School Committee members. Say "thank you" or ask them to take action. 

Day 2 - Stick to Public Schools (Sticker Day) : Tuesday, June 7

Wear "Save Our Public Schools" stickers and/or hold signs to promote visibility. (Stickers and signs will be available in many locals and at MTA's regional offices.) Take photos of supporters wearing stickers and post/tweet pictures. Don't forget to use #keepthecap and the handle @SOPublicSchools.

Ask: Wear a sticker, hold a sign, take a selfie. E-mail your photos to or tweet and post them. 

Day 3 - Fully Fund Public Schools : Wednesday, June 8

Go here to find out how much your district is losing to charters and share that information on social media. Hold a sign describing unmet needs in your district that could be addressed with the funding that is lost to charters. MTA regional offices have preprinted signs - or you can create your own.

Ask: How much is your district losing to charters? Highlight what you would do with that funding. Take photos of members holding signs; tweet or post them.

Day 4 - The Schools We Deserve (and Those We Don't) : Thursday, June 9

Highlight success stories and your vision for excellent public schools for all. Draw contrasts with charter schools that use hyperdisciplinary methods and teach to the test.

Ask: Tell us what your public school does well and why the goal is excellent public schools for all.

Day 5 - Talk to 10 on the 10th : Friday, June 10

Talk to 10 friends, family members or peers about the November ballot question to help us identify voters. Go here to share information about Save Our Public Schools campaign supporters you have identified. That will save us from having to call them in the future - and save them from getting an unnecessary voter ID call!

Ask: Talk to 10 people about keeping the cap on charter schools.

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In solidarity, and in anticipation of many great things ahead,