Support the Verizon strikers


Our brothers and sisters in the Communications Workers of America and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers are on strike against Verizon. They are striking to keep their jobs from going overseas, to protect their hard-earned pensions, to preserve retiree health insurance, and to keep from being reassigned to work away from this region for months at a time.

Verizon seeks these unreasonable concessions even as it makes over $1 billion in profit each month. That's right: over $1 billion in PROFIT each month. Our fellow union members are fighting for principles we all believe in, and the struggle is explained well in this article published in Dig Boston.

Across the state, MTA members have been joining striking workers on the picket lines, for which the workers are very grateful. Please go here to find locations where you can support Verizon workers. Even 15 minutes makes a difference. Be sure to wear your local or MTA T-shirt and introduce yourself.

The striking workers have one more request for union members like us right now. Please do not go into any of the Verizon stores while the workers are on strike. We, the MTA, understand what struggles like these are all about. So I am passing this request on to all 110,000 of our members in Massachusetts.

Again, please do not go into any Verizon stores while Verizon workers are out on strike.

This is what solidarity looks like.