Letters to the Editor policy

MTA Today welcomes letters to the editor from MTA members. Letters should be no longer than 200 words. Each letter submitted for publication must address a topic covered in MTA Today, must be signed and must include the writer's telephone number for confirmation purposes. Opinions must be clearly identified as belonging to the letter-writer. We reserve the right to edit for length, clarity and style.

  • Letters to the Editor must be concise.
  • Letters will be edited so that the writing is clear and to the point.
  • Libelous or potentially libelous statements will not be printed.
  • Opinions stated in letters must be clearly identified as belonging to the letter-writer.
  • The letters published in MTA Today must relate to the topics covered in the magazine.
  • MTA Today will make up to one page of space available in each issue for publication of letters.
  • When a subject attracts a large number of letters, MTA Today will publish a representative sampling of those letters that reflects both sides of the debate.
  • Letters will be accepted only from MTA members.
  • Personal attacks and letters containing rude or crude statements will not be published.
  • Letters containing critical statements about MTA positions are eligible for publication.
  • Letters responding to display advertisements will not be printed, but will be referred to MTA Benefits.
  • Whether a specific letter is published will be the decision of the Editor, in consultation with the Executive Director-Treasurer (who also serves as publisher of MTA Today), the President and the Vice President, based on the guidelines established by the Executive Committee.
  • In the April/May issue of MTA Today, only those candidate materials submitted as part of the Governance Division election process (i.e., narrative information and photos) will be published.  For candidates for NEA Director, this provision will apply to the February/March issue of MTA Today.
  • Letters endorsing candidates for MTA or NEA office are not eligible for publication.
  • Letters from candidates for MTA or NEA office are eligible for publication (except as noted elsewhere in this policy), but shall not refer to or promote their candidacies.