2014 ED Talks

MTA ED Talks 2014

It Takes a Village to Stand Up for Justice: Merrie Najimy

Almost overnight, well respected Concord teacher Merrie Najimy went from being a satisfactory teacher to an unsatisfactory one. Her story, It Takes a Village to Stand Up for Justice, is one of hope and possibility. It's about how everyday people, educators, parents and community members, stood together and built a movement.

Stand in the Place Where You Are: Mary Porter

Student-centered learning must engage not only our students' physical and emotional senses, but also their sense of agency, or the power to act. When Revere High School science teacher Mary Porter invited her students to plan their own service project with community members, the lessons extended well beyond the environment. Watch Stand in the Place Where You Are to learn more.

Free Higher Education – The Time Is Now: Max Page

Why does free public education end with high school? At a time when at least some college education seems essential, why is 12th grade free but the 13th costs thousands of dollars? Using logic, history and examples from other states, UMass Amherst professor Max Page makes the case for free public higher education in Massachusetts, The Time Is Now.

Learning from the Rich: Dan Clawson

What happens in the schools attended by the children of the likes of Bill Gates and our nation’s wealthiest individuals? UMass sociology professor Dan Clawson takes a deeper look in his ED Talk, Learning from the Rich.

How Punk Rock Makes Me a Better Teacher: Nancy Barile

How do you get from CBGB to Revere High School? Award-winning teacher and punk rock pioneer Nancy Barile offers a road map in her 2014 ED Talk, How Punk Rock Makes Me a Better Teacher.

Unconditional Positive Regard: Alex Shevrin

When we open ourselves up to true, intentional relationships with our students, we make space for them to grow. Through intentional choices, we can empower ourselves and our students to achieve more than any of us thought was possible. Watch teacher/leader Alex Shevrin’s 2014 ED Talk: Unconditional Positive Regard.

Educating the Whole Student with "Gloomy Pedagogue:" Tracy Novick

Who thinks about the Constitution of Massachusetts when they think about educating the whole student? Yet there it is, laid out in 1787 by former schoolteacher John Adams, in Section V, Article II. Watch Worcester School Committee member Tracy Novick’s 2014 ED Talk: Educating the Whole Student with "Gloomy Pedagogue."