2013 ED Talks

MTA ED Talks 2013

The Space to Breathe: Using Meditation in the Classroom - Camille Napier Bernstein

Although the use of meditation is growing in popularity in the wider culture, its benefits are underutilized in the classroom. We are forced, in today's educational climate, to focus on content, skills, and achievement -- always with a forward focus. Being present in our own lives is essential to capturing the full experience of being human and to maintain perspective in an often harried and anxiety-filled life.

Making a Tofu Burger and Winning the Lottery: Deb Socia

Deb Socia wants teachers to think differently -- more creatively -- about how to support their students. To make her point, Socia shares her own story of raising two children with disabilities and how they have made her a better teacher. Socia has worked in public education for more than 30 years and has held multiple positions including teacher, principal and advocate.

Razing Readers: How Adults & Schools Are Destroying Our Children's Love of Reading - Laura Beals D'Elia

Everyone talks about how to "raise" readers, yet many of the things educators and parents say and do are actually destroying our students and our children's love of reading. Laura Beals D'Elia, an elementary school librarian and technology teacher in Burlington, is passionate about books and reading. She believes that there is a reader in every child and is deeply concerned about the restrictions we place on our young readers.

Creativity, Curiosity and Collaboration: Christine Lucey-Meager

Do we effectively employ student effort, creativity, heart, and energy to teach all children well? Do we design learning experiences with a focus on developing students' confidence, creativity, and contribution? Worcester art teacher and illustrator Christine Lucey-Meager wants more educators to be able to answer yes to these questions. With these goals in mind, Lucey-Meager established an innovative high school-elementary school collaborative art and reading project focused on developing students' skills, appreciation and interest.

Creating Possibilities for Everyone: Becky Curran

Becky Curran reminds educators to ask questions instead of making assumptions when working with physically disabled students. Curran is one of only 30,000 little people living in the United States.She shares her perspective and experiences attending the Weymouth public schools. Curran is a mentor and advocate for people with disabliities.

The City as a Classroom - Max Grinnell

Look around any city and you'll see geology, sociology, planning, design, anthropology at every turn. Urbanologist Max Grinnell inspires his students at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design with assignments that require them to dig deep and explore the urban condition. In return, the students in his writing and urban studies courses gain much more than skills and knowledge, they learn to live and thrive in the city.

It's All Relative: Chris Bruno

Above all else, relationships are the key to effective teaching. No matter how much you can master the content, effective teaching starts and ends with building relationships with your students. New teacher Chris Bruno's teaching philosophy is based on the idea that "no student cares what you know until they know you care" Bruno teaches world history at Plymouth North High School.

Recorded at MTA ED Talks: Big Ideas About Educating the Whole Student on August 5, 2013, in Williamstown, MA. Views expressed in this video are those of the presenter and do not necessarily represent the views of the Massachusetts Teachers Association.