2012 ED Talks

MTA ED Talks 2012

Engagement Matters: Suzy Brooks

In the midst of mandated curriculum and daunting accountability, creativity and innovation are still making their way into the classroom! Falmouth teacher Suzy Brooks shows us how engagement changes the way we connect, communicate and collaborate within the confines of a demanding day. When we focus  on our students, the engagement falls into place naturally.

More Than a Game: Kevin Hodgson

Tapping into students' interest in video gaming has to be more than sitting them in front of a computer and playing a game. Sixth-grade teacher and Southampton Teachers Association member Kevin Hodgson highlights the ways that game design theory connects to writing process theory, and how we can help students become critical composers of digital media, not just consumers of it.

Finding Your Collaborative Space: Diana Marcus

Learning to trust, letting go of perfect. Evolution has programmed us to cooperate and work in concert in order to survive. Why then, are our schools organized around closed doors, mistrust and jealously-guarded work product? Burlington teacher Diana Marcus says it’s time we change the culture of our schools, throw open our doors literally and figuratively, learn to trust- ourselves and others - and start sharing. But it cannot start top-down, it must start with us.

I'm Ruining Professional Development. Want to Help? Dan Callahan

Burlington Educators Association member and Edcamp founder Dan Callahan talks about on how and why the Edcamp unconference movement has grown so quickly, and offers lessons for teachers looking to have a greater impact on their communities and world.

The Illusion of Education: Mohamed Zefzaf

Massachusetts Bay Community College Professor Mohamed Zefzaf proposes a more balanced view of how to fully educate our children about our current reality. Zefzaf suggests that education be more focused on the individual as a holistic being whose expansion and growth is based on a fuller understanding of the true self.

We the People Have the Power: Wick Sloane

Bunker Hill Community College Professor and Inside Higher Ed columnist Wick Sloane puts out the call to teachers and students to take the lead on public education. Instead of getting discouraged, take control. Learn how Sloane's students took advantage of the right "to petition the government for a redress of grievances" as is stated on the back end of the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

Teach Me How to Think, So I Can Think About Learning: Chelsea Slater

Bunker Hill Community College student Chelsea Slater offers her perspective on how we can improve "everything" through the improvement of our educational system.