The NEA RA is coming to Boston

MTA delegation at NEA RA 2016

The 2017 NEA Annual Meeting and Representative Assembly, the largest democratic deliberative assembly in the world, is coming to Boston. This means roughly 8,000 delegates from across the country — NEA members from all segments of the education profession — will converge on our city from June 30 to July 5. There are many opportunities for MTA members to get involved and experience the RA firsthand.

RA delegates or officers may not also act as volunteers.

There are many ways to get involved

Overall Operations

Host Committee
Julia Monteiro Johnson
Holds an important leadership position, working closely with the NEA Annual Meeting office during the months leading up to the event.

Chair: Richard Liston
Vice Chair: Jackie Gorrie

Responsible for handling committee finances in accordance with the NEA Host Committee's "Financial Policies and Procedures."

NEA RA - We Are Getting Ready

Delegate Services
Chair: Sherley Phillips
Provides services for delegates with physical challenges.

Information and Registration
Ron Colbert
Provides volunteers for information booth and registration area.

NEA Fund for Children
Maureen Carlos
Charged with soliciting voluntary contributions from NEA members, their family members and NEA and affiliate staff for use in the campaigns of candidates for federal office. Operating under the restrictions of the Federal Elections Campaign Act, this fund encourages delegates to the Representative Assembly to participate in the effort to raise money to help elect friends of public education. Volunteers will help with setup and staffing of the NEA Fund booth.

RA Telephone Network
Chair: Sheila Hanley and Kathi Rogers
Responsible for staffing and operating the microphone/telephone system used by delegates to communicate with the presiding officer and the assembly in order to participate in the association's business. Volunteers will monitor microphones, answer phones, oversee communications operations and assist with TV operations.

Event Services
Chair: Lois Jacobs

Assigns ushers, floaters and Host Committee room monitors to various events.

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