MTA’s Just For New Teachers Conference presents the perfect opportunity to meet with fellow educators and get tips on everything from classroom management, working with parents and creating great lesson plans. This one-day conference, brought to you by MTA’s New Member Committee, also offers workshops on teaching English language learners and students with special needs, licensure and using technology in the classroom.

Just For New Teachers is open to MTA members in their first four years of practice.

Shared stories, advice are featured at 2016 Just For New Teachers conference


From left, Michael Milton, Miriam Kranz, Nicole Roberge, Gene Reiber and Erin Burns of the New Member Committee shared insights and advice during a panel discussion.

Gene Reiber recalled the first time he had to set up a classroom. The new teacher wanted to break from tradition, so he sought out interesting furniture and eye-catching wall hangings for the room. He was determined not to let his teaching become regimented over time, and he believed that a unique environment would help do the trick.

After teaching for a few years, he changed his mind.

“You, as the teacher, are the defining thing in that room — not the furniture,” Reiber told an audience of early-career educators at the 15th annual Just for New Teachers conference.

Sharing stories and advice is a big part of the conference, which the MTA’s New Member Committee puts on each year.

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