2015 MTA Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee Conference: Equality, Activism and the Road Ahead

The MTA Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee Conference offers participants the chance to discuss some of the most pressing issues in education today — along with workshops to build skills and the opportunity to broaden professional networks.

“Equality, Activism and the Road Ahead” was the theme of the 2015 conference, which will be held at the Sheraton Framingham Hotel and Conference Center on Dec. 4 and 5.

MTA Ethnic Minority Affairs Conference 2015

EMAC 2015 Stories of wisdom acquired through struggle highlighted the 2015 MTA Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee Conference. Keynote speakers Jitu Brown, a Dyett High School hunger striker from Chicago who is the national director of the Journey for Justice Alliance, and Clayola Brown, a former textile industry organizer who is president of the A. Philip Randolph Institute — emphasized the need to organize, build coalitions and focus on the big picture. Read more.