Show your appreciation at May 20 Rally for Public Education

Rally for Public Ed

Teachers take center stage May 8 through May 12 for National Teacher Appreciation Week.

Featured events during the week include National Teacher Day on Tuesday, May 9, and National School Nurse Day on Wednesday, May 10.

But community members throughout the state have a chance to show their appreciation for all public school educators at the upcoming Rally for Public Education on May 20.

Activists are invited to begin gathering for the rally, sponsored by the Massachusetts Education Justice Alliance, at 2 p.m. on Boston Common. All MTA members are encouraged to attend — and to bring their friends, relatives and neighbors along for the event.

"Teacher Appreciation Week allows us to show our respect for teachers — and they deserve it,” said MTA President Barbara Madeloni. “But at this moment, when educators are regularly overwhelmed by mandates, demeaned by a punitive accountability system, and facing austerity budgets and an attempt by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to silence them, the strongest show of appreciation is to speak up for educators — for our rights and dignity.”

MTA members attending the Annual Meeting of Delegates will have the opportunity to walk together from the Hynes Convention Center to the rally after the meeting is adjourned, drawing further attention to the fight for public education.

The rally offers educators and their allies a venue at which they can publicly represent the values that voters displayed on Election Day last November, when they beat back a well-financed ballot initiative that would have sharply increased the number of charter schools in Massachusetts. The No on Question 2 campaign won by a landslide.

“This is a great week to organize within your community, to show up for the May 20 rally and to tell your legislators that we value and will join in collective action to support educators,” Madeloni said.

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