MTA's resolutions remind us what our union stands for


MTA’s resolutions are the organization’s statements of principle on issues relating to members, public education, the welfare of students and human and civil rights.

MTA members, you are the MTA. Your voice defines our organization. Your action is what makes us strong.

The MTA Resolutions Committee is highlighting some of the MTA’s resolutions to remind us all of what our union stands for. If these words inspire you, tell a friend, tell a colleague, or even submit a new resolution.

MTA Bylaws and Resolutions 2015-2016

A proposal for a new resolution or revision of an existing one may be submitted by any member.

Resolutions may be submitted by the close of business on Friday, May 19, at the MTA Annual Meeeting of Delegates.

Go here to see all of MTA’s resolutions.