Take action to support funding of MCCC Day Unit contract

Action Alert Urge your legislators to pass the supplemental budget.

MTA members are asked to take a moment right away to contact their state legislators about acting quickly to pass the supplemental budget needed to fund the contract for MTA members in the Day Unit of the Massachusetts Community College Council.

Please click here to send an e-mail to your state representative and senator.

Let’s use the collective power of all MTA members to push to have this contract validated by the Legislature and signed into law as soon as possible. MCCC members worked very hard during a drawn-out collective bargaining process to protect the rights of educators and to maintain excellent opportunities for the students attending our community colleges.

The supplemental budget bill (H4517) was filed by the governor on July 14 and is being considered by the House Committee on Ways and Means. The timing on when this bill will come up for a vote is not clear because the House has only a few more workdays left before the formal session of the Legislature ends on July 31. The bill can be passed in an informal session after July 31, but it is unclear when such action might take place.

Support fairness for MCCC faculty and staff by clicking here to send your message now.