MTA Save Our Public Schools

Members needed for No on 2 phone banking

As Election Day nears, the MTA is seeking members’ help to convince voters that Question 2 on the November ballot is bad for our public schools.

The MTA is seeking 700 members to do one phone bank each beginning October 17. This would allow us to reach a large number of persuadable voters in the critical last three weeks before November 8.

To sign up for a phone bank shift near your home or workplace, click here .

Speaking to voters about Question 2 is different from most phone banking: Voters truly want to hear from educators about this crucial subject and how it will affect our schools and our communities.

“We will never be able to outspend our opponents, but we have what they do not — members who are trusted on this issue and can persuade voters by talking directly to them about why this reckless expansion of charter schools would be devastating for our public education system,” said MTA President Barbara Madeloni.

District public schools are losing more than $450 million to charter schools this year alone. If Question 2 passes, that number could rise to more than $1 billion in just six years.

Click here to see how much your district is losing to charter schools this year.

The MTA is far from alone in this fight. To date, more than 170 school committees and more than 100 legislators have endorsed the No on 2 campaign. The Save Our Public Schools Campaign is continuing to work closely with the American Federation of Teachers Massachusetts, the AFL-CIO and many other No on 2 endorsers, including the NAACP New England Area Conference and the Massachusetts PTA.

But we cannot defeat the ballot initiative without the voices of educators.

Act now! There are phone banks scheduled throughout the state at locations close to where every educator lives or works.