'Keep It Local' Day kicks off the Week of Action

This week, from June 6 to 10, the Save Our Public Schools campaign is holding a Week of Action to show support for public schools for all and to oppose efforts to lift the cap on unaccountable charter schools. While we are emphasizing different actions for different days of the week, we encourage MTA members to do whatever actions work best for them.

Monday, June 6: Keep It Local
Highlight the importance of keeping local control.

Has your school committee passed a resolution in opposition to lifting the cap on charter schools? If yes, say thank you. If not, ask members to consider passing one. More than 50 communities are on record in opposition to a charter cap lift.


Here's a list of a communities that have taken a position or passed resolutions in opposition to lifting the cap on charter schools. Click here for a sample resolution.

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What's next? Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 7: Stick to Public Schools (Sticker Day)