Join MTA’s Telephone Town Hall on Question 2

Join MTA’s Telephone Town Hall on Question 2

All MTA members are invited to participate in a Telephone Town Hall on Question 2 at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 3.

The Town Hall will be hosted by President Barbara Madeloni.

“First, we want to thank the volunteers who have been working tirelessly throughout this campaign to oppose Question 2,” Madeloni said. “But we also want all members to understand what is needed during the last push before Election Day. We have reached tens of thousands of voters through phone banking and canvassing, but there are still thousands more who haven’t been reached.

“Members have stepped up and we are waging a powerful campaign against Wall Street interests,” Madeloni said. “Join the call to learn what we can do in the last few days of this campaign to bring home a win for public education and for the students and communities of Massachusetts.”

Question 2 would allow 12 more Commonwealth charter schools per year, in perpetuity. This year, publicly funded but privately run charter schools will drain traditional public schools of more than $450 million. Charter schools fail to reach as many English language learners and students with learning disabilities, and they create a two-track system of education described by the NAACP as “separate and unequal.”

If the MTA has your phone number, you should be called within a few minutes of 7 p.m. Just pick up your phone to participate in the Telephone Town Hall. If you prefer, or if you do not receive a call, please call in. The toll-free number and access code are as follows:

  • Call-in number: 855.756.7520
  • Conference number (when prompted): 33520#

Visit the MTA's toolkit on charter schools for more information .