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Governor Charlie Baker has vetoed $412 million from the fiscal 2017 budget passed by the Legislature. These vetoes have serious repercussions for MTA members.

Action Alert Urge your legislators to overturn the governor's vetoes

Please contact your state representative and senator with a message asking them to overturn Baker's vetoes, which:

  • Make deep cuts into funding in all sectors of public education.
  • Set the stage for hikes in health insurance premiums for active state employees and some retired municipal employees.
  • Cap sick time accrual for public employees.
  • Cut state reimbursements to districts paying for high-cost programs for special education students.

There is very little time remaining in the legislative session to have Baker's vetoes overturned. Please act now to reverse the governor's vetoes.

Let's do our part to protect the quality of public education and the rights of public employees.

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