Get your union on this summer

Books and movies to engage and inspire activism

Here are some ways you can use movies and books to engage fellow union members and build on the activism we generated this year — from member forums to our collective bargaining campaigns and the Week of Action.

Education, Inc. documentary

Education, Inc. Explores Who Profits from Education “Reform”

Did you ever wonder why hedge fund managers and other billionaires contribute millions of dollars to promote the school privatization agenda? Education, Inc. is a documentary that might make your blood boil when you find out who’s behind so many of the education “reform” policies we suffer under today. But the film also shows how communities are fighting back. Grassroots screenings are being planned for Aug. 14. Information about the film and a local screening guide are available here. If you would like a FREE copy of the movie to show at a local screening on Aug. 14 or another date in the near future, please contact Ari Mercado in MTA governance at

Heal Our Schools documentary

Heal Our Schools – Documentary Screening at MTA’s Raynham Office on Wednesday, July 29

Through interviews with teachers, students and others, Colorado teacher Laurie Gabriel explores issues critical to public education in the documentary Heal Our Schools. Education activists Diane Ravitch, Jonathan Kozol and Jose Luis Vilson, as well as Holyoke Teachers Association President Gus Morales, are among those interviewed for the film. Click here to read Ravitch’s blog entry on the documentary. Information is also posted at and

EVENT: Heal Our Schools will be screened at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, July 29, at the MTA Southeast Regional Office, 756 Orchard St., Third Floor, Raynham. RSVP to or or call 508-822-5371.

Jump-Start Your Union

Get Your Free Books Here - Jump-Start Your Union

How to Jump-Start Your Union is a book that provides clear, specific and inspirational ideas for organizing your local and building union power. The MTA will provide you with FREE copies of Jump-Start if you form a group and agree to read and discuss the book. For more information, email Ari Mercado in the Division of Governance and Administration at

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