MTA Today: Mandate sparks controversy; EMAC marks 35 years

MTA Today Winter 2015 Kindergarten and preschool teachers are speaking out against an assessment mandate being implemented around the state, and local associations seeking to end the assessments are organizing. In November, member power turned the tide when overwhelming MTA opposition killed the state's relicensure proposals. Members are also speaking out in Holyoke, where the spirit of concerted action is fueling the fight against a state takeover of the city's schools. In December, the Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee celebrated 35 years of activism. And member-led forums continue to give voice to educators' vision for public education.

In this Issue:

  • Member opposition kills relicensure proposals
  • Editorial: Recommitting ourselves to organizing
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Holyoke organizes to fight takeover
  • Assessment mandate sparks controversy
  • Teachers organize to combat TS GOLD
  • EMAC celebrates 35 years of activism
  • ESP Conference to offer workshops and ocean view
  • Communities unite against charter schools
  • Forums give voice to education vision
  • Legislative agenda includes bills to stop high-stakes testing, charters
  • New teachers are making a difference
  • Battle continues over UMass contracts
  • Statements by candidates for NEA Director seats
  • Union leaders call for full funding and stability for GIC health plans
  • Foundation budgets fail to cover key needs
  • MTA charity helps educators meet students’ needs
  • Reading celebration ‘tried and true’ in Truro
  • Insurance tips for homeowners
  • MTAB reaches out to new members
  • Speakers at CPS event blast ‘testocracy’
  • ESPs gather to build bargaining skills
  • MTA sells Boston headquarters, plans move to Quincy
  • Higher education advocacy day set for March 4
  • MTA Chorus seeks singers
  • ‘Stand Up’ event helps prevent bullying

This issue of MTA Today also includes the winter edition of the MTA Advantage.

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Be Heard!Be heard! Tell Congress to stop the testing madness in the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (known as No Child Left Behind in its current form) and demand that states be held accountable for providing the resources educators need to give all students the schools they deserve. Sign the petition here. Send an e-mail to your U.S. representative and senators here.

Does this all sound like jargon to you? The NEA has produced a primer outlining what's at stake for educators and explaining key points in the process. Take a couple of minutes to read "What Is Congress Working On That Will Impact Classrooms Across the Nation?"

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