MTA Today: Revenue campaign underway

MTA Today Summer 2015 MTA members and others in the Raise Up Massachusetts coalition have begun collecting signatures for a ballot campaign to raise significant revenues for public education and transportation — and to reduce income inequality. The power of collective action is also in evidence on many other fronts. The movement against high-stakes testing is gaining momentum, and the MTA is strongly opposing efforts to open more Commonwealth charter schools. Members are demanding fairness for adjunct faculty and working to ensure that negotiated UMass contracts are honored in full. In early August, tracks at the 2015 Summer Conference brought members together to build their organizing and leadership skills.

In this Issue:

  • Summits focus on school safety
  • Editorial: The incredible power of collective action
  • Summer Conference highlights impact of one-to-one conversations
  • MTA opposes move to PARCC
  • Fight against high-stakes testing gains momentum
  • Tax amendment would mean big gains for public education
  • EMAC Conference is set for December 4-5
  • Meehan agrees to pay retroactive wages to UMass employees
  • Members call on legislators to invest in adjunct faculty
  • Charter school battle heats up
  • Key State House hearing is set for October 13
  • Foundation budget panel’s initial report calls for adjustments
  • Save the date for the Just for New Teachers Conference
  • Educators receive Human and Civil Rights Awards
  • Good students are eligible for insurance discount
  • MTAB offers new programs and discounts
  • MTA members receive top educator awards
  • Regional retirement consultations available
  • MTA working to implement Annual Meeting NBIs
  • ‘As Schools Match Wits’ victory a source of pride for city
  • A summer of uncertainty for Holyoke educators
  • Canine companion helps educator do her work
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Legislators urged to put educators on the BESE

Arlington speech and language specialist Mary Cummings delivered petitions with nearly 5,000 signatures in support of legislation that would add educators to the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. Click here to read more about the effort to put strong educator voices on the BESE.

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