Send a message to UMass: A Deal’s a Deal

Informational picket outside of UMass President Robert Caret's office

UMass works because we do! That was the message delivered to the Boston office door of UMass President Robert Caret by faculty and staff demanding that he honor their contract. The informational picket was held on April 15.

University of Massachusetts President Robert Caret is breaking his commitment to thousands of MTA members by refusing to pay the salaries that UMass agreed to last year when it negotiated contracts with several bargaining units. Governor Charlie Baker, then-Governor Deval Patrick and the Legislature have all insisted that Caret has the money necessary to fund the contracts.

President Caret and leaders of his administration need to know that their actions are unacceptable and disrespectful. Their actions also have consequences.

If you are a UMass graduate or a parent of a UMass student, the university no doubt asks you for donations. We are asking you to withhold all donations until this issue is resolved and our members are paid the salaries they deserve.

We do not ask this lightly. The MTA is in the forefront of advocating for funds for public higher education. But in this case, President Caret is refusing to recognize that it is dedicated faculty and staff who make UMass such a great school – and such a valuable resource to students, families and communities across the state.

If you are a graduate of UMass, a parent of a UMass student or a regular donor, click here for a message to send to President Caret, UMass Board of Trustees Chair Victor Woolridge and the campus chancellors.

If you are an MTA member without ties to UMass, send a similar message by clicking here.

You can also access our email messaging system by clicking on the button below that best represents you.

I'm a graduate, a parent of a student and/or a UMass donor.

I want to tell the administration to honor its promises.

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