Be Heard! Use your "teacher voice" to speak out for the kind of schools our students deserve

Be heard! This winter, take advantage of the many opportunities to use your "teacher voice" to speak out for the kind of schools our students deserve.

ESEA Reauthorization: Get It Right

Reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act is underway in Congress. Please let your legislators in the U.S. House and Senate know that we want less testing and more opportunities for learning - and that states should be held accountable for giving all children the schools they deserve.

Join educators in the fight to get ESEA right! Call Congress today at 866-331-7233 or click here to email them.

Commonwealth Conversations

Commonwealth Conversations

New Massachusetts Senate President Stan Rosenberg has launched a listening tour across the Commonwealth so that the senator from each district can meet with constituents to hear which issues people are concerned about.

Speak up as an individual. Or better yet, bring a group of educators and community members to stand together - for public education, for the well-being of our communities and against mandate madness. The impact of one person speaking is multiplied when we stand together.

Click here for dates and locations near you.

Foundation Budget Review Commission

Mac 1993This is what computers looked like in 1993, when the state's formula for distributing aid to local school districts was established as part of the Education Reform Act.

Since that time, the foundation budget — the centerpiece of the funding formula — has not been systemically re-examined in light of state curriculum frameworks, MCAS and other key elements of the 1993 law.

Until now.

The Foundation Budget Review Commission is holding hearings around the state. This is a chance for teachers and school staff to let the commission know what your working conditions are like and how to improve them. After all, your working conditions are your students’ learning conditions.Consider attending and telling your stories. Let the commission know what educators need in order to give children the schools they deserve.

Click here to learn more about the job of the commission and view upcoming hearing dates.

Join the Conversation

Join the conversation with other educators from across Massachusetts on Facebook and Twitter. These social media networks are a great place to learn the latest education news and share ideas with other MTA educators.