Trainings for treasurers

Regional Treasurer Training

MTA invites treasurers, membership and other local leaders to attend one of five regional treasurer trainings at a location near you. This session provides an overview of the primary responsibilities of a Local Association Treasurer including the management and reporting of accurate membership and financial data. The course will include a high-level review of the components necessary to build and maintain a financially strong local association. It will also provide information regarding the tax requirements of a local association.  Finally, the course will provide instruction pertaining to the collection and transmittal of membership data from the local association to the school district and the MTA.

The following is a basic outline of topics that will be discussed within the session:

  • Fundamentals of budget preparation and financial planning
  • Financial reporting, transparency and internal control procedures
  • Required regulatory filings
  • Agency service fees
  • Local office support program
  • MA Data Security Laws and regulations
  • Compliance with IRS independent contractor laws and definitions
    • Independent contractor vs. employee Issues
    • Payroll and payroll tax issues
    • Annual tax reporting to the IRS
      • 990, 990-EZ or a 990N (e-postcard)
      • Maintenance or reinstatement of tax exempt status
      • Membership Processing
        • Enrolling new members
        • Maintaining existing members
        • Payroll deduction set-up
        • NEA/MTA Dues billing
        • Interactive Membership Services (IMS) database

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