In video, Taunton teachers go beyond testing

Debating whether plastic bags should be banned, researching sea turtles and creating laws modeled after the Code of Hammurabi are just some of the creative projects Taunton teachers love to work on with their students. They would like to spend less time testing and more time on in-depth and collaborative projects.

As part of MTA’s Listening Tour, members of the Taunton Education Association got together after school ended in June to answer the question, “If you could spend less time on standardized tests, what would you do instead?”

They had a lot to say about the focus on testing and how that is squeezing out more interesting and productive “21st century” activities.

MTA staff created a five-minute video with highlights from the conversation.

Concern about high-stakes testing has grown in schools across Massachusetts and the country. Click here to see the Taunton video and other videos from MTA’s Listening Tour.

MTA members are encouraged to hold forums to discuss and begin organizing around high-stakes testing and related issues. More information will be available about these forums in the coming weeks.