Reclaiming Public Education

This fall, MTA members across the state are organizing forums that will allow us to come together as union members to Reclaim Public Education.

The goal is to find out what MTA members think about big issues that affect educators – issues such as the overuse of standardized tests and burdensome requirements of the educator evaluation system. There also will be forums focused on higher education issues.

These forums won’t be just talk. We’ll also start planning some actions. MTA members should have the strongest voices when it comes to education policies.

Please look for an e-mail from your local association president, your MTA field representative or MTA President Barbara Madeloni for information about a forum near you. The first round will be Regional Forums coordinated out of MTA’s regional offices. The second round will be Local Forums initiated by members.

Interested? You can sign up to attend a Regional Forum that is already scheduled or you can help organize a forum in your local. Contact your local president or send an e-mail to Mary Gilgallon, director of the Division of Governance and Administration, at

Click here for more information and upcoming forum dates.