MTA backs Healey, Goldberg and Moulton

The Massachusetts Teachers Association has announced three new recommendations for the November 4 election: Maura Healey for attorney general, Deb Goldberg for treasurer and Seth Moulton for the Sixth District seat in Congress.

None of the three is an incumbent, and all three are the Democratic candidates in those races.

“All three candidates have the vision and leadership to improve the lives of working families in Massachusetts,” MTA President Barbara Madeloni said in announcing the new recommendations. “They are committed to listening to educators and to making sure that all students have an opportunity to learn in excellent public schools and have access to affordable, high-quality public higher education.”

The MTA previously announced its recommendation of Martha Coakley for governor; Steve Kerrigan for lieutenant governor; U.S. Senator Ed Markey; the eight incumbent congressional candidates; and a number of candidates for state representative and senator.

Maura HealeyMaura Healey

“As attorney general, Maura Healey can be counted on to stand up for fairness, health and safety, and opportunity for all,” Madeloni said.

As a division chief and bureau head in the attorney general’s office, Healey supervised 250 lawyers and staff members. She has been lauded for her strong managerial skills.

The daughter of a teacher and a school nurse, Healey told the MTA, “I know the tremendous value that supported education professionals bring to our communities. We need an attorney general who stands up for working people – enforcing fair labor and wage and workplace safety laws, and ensuring that all workers are treated with fairness and dignity in the workplace.”

She said that reducing economic disparities is central to narrowing student achievement gaps. “We need to do a better job to ensure that children begin with a fairer and more equal opportunity for success,” Healey said.

Healey led the fight for a 2010 anti-bullying law and has been a leader in support of women’s rights, criminal justice reform and environmental protection. A strong advocate for LGBT rights, Healey spearheaded the state’s challenge to the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

Seth MoultonSeth Moulton

Moulton has been recommended for Congress by the National Education Association based on the recommendation of the MTA.

“Seth Moulton will stand up for working men and women in Massachusetts when he goes to Congress,” Madeloni said.

A centerpiece of Moulton’s campaign is making college more affordable.

“Like millions of Americans, I'm still paying student loan bills every month,” Moulton wrote in a campaign statement. “I understand firsthand the challenges that come with college debt. I will work to lower both student loan interest rates and tuition costs for today’s college students, so the next generation is not burdened by a mountain of college loan debt.”

Noting that his sister is a high school history teacher in Norwood, Moulton said that teachers should be given better professional development and higher pay so that schools can attract and retain excellent educators.

Moulton said he understands that teachers are frustrated by mandates and high-stakes testing.

“Local districts should be allowed to embrace their unique situations by being able to determine the path their students take to reach national standards,” he wrote. “I support the implementation of more holistic standards for public education because a school is much more than the sum of its test scores

Moulton defeated current U.S. Rep. John Tierney in the Democratic primary and is running against Richard Tisei, a Republican former state senator from Wakefield.

Dan GoldbergDeb Goldberg

Goldberg is running to succeed Treasurer Steven Grossman, who is leaving office after his unsuccessful bid for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination.

“Deb Goldberg has a background in business and finance, which is essential for a treasurer, as well as experience in both town government and nonprofit management,” Madeloni said. “She worked collaboratively with public employee unions in Brookline because she understands the essential role they play in making a community a great place to live and work.”

Goldberg is a former member of the Brookline Board of Selectmen and was one of the founders and the treasurer of a school for children with cognitive disabilities. She is president of Adoptions with Love and is on the Advisory Board of the Greater Boston Food Bank, among other roles.

One of her campaign stands is to promote financial literacy for people of all ages.

The state treasurer chairs the State Retirement Board. Goldberg said that in that role she will defend the public employee pension system.

“Our public employees pay the vast majority of their own retirement and receive no Social Security,” she told the MTA, alluding to federal regulations known as offsets. “Public employees have been scapegoated and misjudged both at the local level and state level. The public needs to know that and I will be a treasurer who makes that message clear.”

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