Legislature enacts fiscal 2015 budget

The Legislature has enacted a $36.5 billion budget for fiscal 2015 that modestly increases funding for K-12 and early education and continues reinvestment in higher education. The budget also revives the Foundation Budget Review Commission, a key legislative priority of the MTA.

President Paul Toner said the MTA is “gratified that legislators saw fit to do the right thing” by investing in education and reviving the commission that will review and, if necessary, recalculate the foundation budget formula.

“Reviving this commission is so long overdue,” Toner said. A comprehensive examination of the foundation budget formula will “put us on the path toward adequate funding so all students can succeed.”

The review commission was established under Education Reform in 1993, yet there has never been a systematic analysis of whether schools have sufficient resources to enable students to meet state standards.

The budget has moved to Governor Deval Patrick's office for review. The governor can sign it into law, veto it or propose changes and send it back to the Legislature.

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