Education Forums on Gateway Cities

Educators, legislators and community activists will participate in a series of forums presented by MassINC with the aim of generating policies that strengthen schools and economies in the state’s Gateway Cities.

With the aid of the MTA, MassINC recently prepared a report titled "The Gateway Cities Vision for Dynamic Community-Wide Learning Systems." Click here to read The Gateway Cities report.The report identified early education, social and emotional growth, pathways to college and careers, and services for English language learners and immigrant families as focal points to build policy around.

The report identified several successful programs in the state’s 26 Gateway Cities, which are the small-to-midsized urban communities that house one-quarter of the state’s school-age children.

The report emphasizes the need for “dynamic” learning programs and services that can adapt and respond quickly to a community’s needs. The report states that learning should be a "system" of educational experiences and opportunities that stretch from preschool through career.

“We want to turn vision into policy and legislative vehicles,” said Winthrop Roosevelt, government affairs coordinator for MassINC. “We’ll be trying to see what specifically is happening at the local and regional levels that can be scaled up.”

Each forum will feature two panels, one comprising educators behind successful, innovative programs in their communities, and another made up of legislators who can address the issues related to crafting policy on a broader scale.

MassINC is inviting participants to the forums, which are not open to the public. The next forum is scheduled for March 28 at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Presentations will be held at UMass Lowell on April 9 and at the MassMutal Learning and Conference Center in Chicopee on April 30. A presentation will also be held on the North Shore, with the date and place to be determined.

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