MTA opposes lifting cap on charter schools

The MTA is urging members to let their senators know that they oppose lifting the cap on charter schools. The issue comes to a head on July 16, when the Senate is scheduled to debate S. 2262 – a bill that includes provisions lifting the charter school spending cap.

Senators Kenneth Donnelly and Patricia Jehlen have filed an amendment – Amendment #1 – that would strike the cap-lifting provisions in the bill.

“This issue is divisive and unnecessary and will not benefit students or schools,” said Barbara Madeloni, who began her term as MTA president on July 15. “This issue is diverting time, energy and resources from initiatives to help all students succeed.”

S.2262 is similar to a bill passed in the House of Representatives.

Currently, districts can’t be forced to spend more than 18 percent of their education budgets on charter schools. Under this bill, that limit would be raised to 23 percent over time.

MTA sent an e-mail message to members urging them to contact their senators to ask them to support Amendment #1.

“Massachusetts doesn’t need more charter schools,” said Madeloni. “We need to support excellent public schools for students throughout the state.”


Don't lift the cap! E-mail your senator right now with a message of support for Amendment #1.