MTA members invited to apply for NEA Teacher Leadership Initiative

The Massachusetts Teachers Association, in collaboration with the National Education Association, the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards and the Center for Teaching Quality, is seeking 25 to 30 MTA members to participate in the 2013-2014 school year pilot of the Teacher Leadership Initiative. Teachers from six other states are participating: Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, Mississippi and Washington.
The 200 teachers selected will participate in a comprehensive leadership training pilot program, concluding with a field-based leadership capstone project blending instructional leadership, policy leadership and union leadership. Participants will focus on three key policy areas: The Common Core, educator evaluations and school redesign. Much of the training will be online, with at least three face-to-face statewide meetings.
The goal is for participating teachers to become leaders in the profession, with the knowledge, skills and core values to meet the demands of the teaching profession in the 21st century.
The time commitment is expected to be, on average, two to four hours per week, though hours are not evenly spread over each week. The program begins in October and will last approximately 12 months.
Teachers selected will receive a stipend of $1,000 for completing the pilot experience and providing feedback on the process.
The deadline for application is September 23.
Applications will be reviewed between September 24 and October 15. NEA plans to notify candidates of their selection during the week of October 15.

Click here to apply.