Governor thanks educators for "collective investment in our students and their futures"

Letter from Governor Deval Patrick to Massachusetts educators forwarded by MTA President Paul Toner:

Dear Fellow Educator,

Governor Deval Patrick has asked that I share this message of gratitude with you.

I also want to add my own thanks for all that you do for students, public education and our communities.


Paul Toner
MTA President

September 20, 2013
Dear Teacher, Principal or Superintendent,

Earlier this week we learned that Massachusetts students improved their performance again on the MCAS, setting new cumulative records. I wanted to thank you personally for delivering those gains.

No other state in America comes close to the bragging rights we have in public education. On the front lines in classrooms across the Commonwealth, your hard work, creativity and dedication are inspiring young people and making a difference in their lives.

This year’s MCAS results show that 10th graders across the Commonwealth are performing at higher levels than ever before, students of color are closing the achievement gap in all subjects, and fourteen of the original thirty-four Level 4 or “turnaround” schools will exit that status this year after meeting their goals.

None of this is happening by accident. It is because of our collective investment in our students and their future – teaching young people how to look up rather than down, and to say about themselves, their circumstances, and their future, “yes we can." For that, you make me incredibly proud.

One of my favorite things to do as Governor is visit schools. During my seven years in office, I have been to every type and size of school – district schools, innovation schools, charter schools, vocational technical schools, urban schools, rural schools and everything in between. Across the board, what I have recognized as the catalyst for success is devoted and loving teachers and school leadership. The meaningful interactions I have witnessed between young people and caring adults in the classroom is where the real magic of learning happens.

There is more work ahead, of course. There always is. But on this important milestone, I wanted to pause and tell you directly that I appreciate you and what you do.


Deval Patrick