Department of Labor Relations issues a complaint against the Concord School Committee

The Massachusetts Department of Labor Relations issued a complaint on July 11 against the Concord School Committee, determining there is “probable cause” to believe that it unlawfully retaliated against the president of the Concord Teachers Association for engaging in protected, concerted union activities.

A hearing will be held in the fall.

The complaint finds probable cause that CTA President Merrie Najimy’s principal, Kelly Clough, “discriminated” against her in giving her negative evaluations and recommending that she not be rehired for the 2013-14 school year. It further finds probable cause that Superintendent Diana Rigby’s decision to involuntarily transfer Najimy from the Thoreau School to a different school and grade was in retaliation for Najimy’s outspoken criticism of the administration as CTA president.

During the last school year, hundreds of Concord teachers, parents and other residents joined Najimy and other union leaders at several rallies and School Committee meetings where they voiced concerns about a negative educational climate in the district.

Clough resigned from her position at the end of the school year, but Rigby went forward with the decision to transfer Najimy under a performance improvement plan, a move the CTA believes has potentially serious implications for her job security.