Senate Budget Update

The state Senate has approved its budget proposal for the upcoming fiscal year that begins on July 1.  A number of amendments that the MTA supported have been adopted and several that the MTA opposed have been rejected.

On a roll call vote Thursday, the Senate unanimously (38-0) voted to add an MTA-supported provision to reestablish the Foundation Budget Review Commission to study the current foundation budget and recommend any changes that may be needed so that students can meet state educational standards. Please email your senator to say "thanks!"

The Senate also adopted an amendment sought by the MTA to provide a seat at the table and a strong voice for MTA higher education faculty in decisions about the future of the state’s community colleges.

Senate budget amendments were also adopted to increase funding for regional school transportation, METCO, scholarships for public higher education students in high demand professions and ELL teacher professional development.

The Senate did not adopt any of the amendments submitted by Republicans that would have decreased state revenues. The Senate also rejected an amendment that would have further slashed state spending. 

Several weeks ago, the House passed its budget of $35.2 billion.

After final passage of the state spending plan for FY13, it will be sent to a conference committee composed of House and Senate members, who are charged with ironing out the differences between the budgets passed by the House and Senate before sending it on to Governor Deval Patrick for his signature.

The MTA will continue to analyze the budget, and further information will be available on in the next few days.

FY13 Budget Spreadsheets