Just for New Teachers Conference

Just for New Teachers Conference
Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel and Trade Center
Marlborough, MA
Friday, November 30, 2012
8 a.m. – 3 p.m.

For educators currently in their first four years of practice.

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Important Notes:

  • The registration fee is $60 per person and includes all sessions, materials, morning refreshments and lunch.
  • This conference is appropriate for school district use in partially fulfilling the obligation to provide an induction program for all new teachers (602 CMR 7.00).
  • MTA will provide participants with a record of sessions attended.
  • Districts may register groups by providing group members with a purchase order number to use when registering online or by calling 1-800-392-6175 x8300.
  • Prior registration is required. On-site check-in is from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. There are exhibits and “good stuff free” during check-in. Workshops begin promptly at 9 a.m.


Managing the Inspired Classroom
AM1 – Elementary
AM2 – Middle/High School

This workshop will use a case study approach and focus on the kinds of self-control students must master in order to work effectively in a high-stakes environment. Please choose the grade level that will best serve your needs as an educator.

Differentiating Instruction
AM3 – Elementary
AM4 – Secondary

This workshop will provide information on differentiating instruction, especially to address specific learning styles, academic readiness and common special needs, such as ADHD. This workshop will also provide a brief introduction to Response to Intervention and how teachers can use differentiating instruction as part of Response to Intervention to address students’ needs.

AM 5 –  Assessing Student Progress – All Levels

We will examine a wide range of strategies to assess student progress, not only after we’ve taught a lesson or unit, but as we teach.  The goal is to use assessment as continuous feedback, to know when and why a student didn’t “get it,” to intervene appropriately, and  to do all this fairly and equitably.

Strategies for Working with Parents and Paperwork
AM6 – Elementary
AM7 – Middle/High School

There are progress reports and report cards, IEPs, working with your team, working with your mentor, surviving parent conferences, getting through the winter doldrums, being ready for end of the year barrage of paperwork and much, much more. With the first round of open houses and grades behind us, participants will reassess their classroom routines and interactions with parents/guardians and leave with new strategies for immediate use.  This session is packed with tips and tricks for anticipating and managing the many unknowns. 


Keep Them Engaged
PM1 –  Elementary
PM2 –  Secondary

Many traditional classroom practices engage one student at a time and risk the inattention of others.  We’ll share easy-to-use tips and tricks for keeping all of your students engaged all of the time.  Leave with ideas to use in your classroom tomorrow and in the future.

Legal Basics for New Teachers – PM3

This workshop will explore how the many informal roles required of teachers, from surrogate parent to counselor, affect our obligations and liabilities.

The Perils of the Internet and Email – PM4

Educators face dangers when using email and the internet. This workshop explores email form and format, privacy rights in the technological world, Internet use on duty and off duty, acceptable use policies, social networking activity and public employees’ rights as citizens versus their status as employees and role models.

Academic Language for English Language Learners and other Struggling Students – PM5

Do you have English Language Learners in your school?  Your classroom?  This workshop for non ESL/ELL teachers will give information about
the new WIDA standards and ACCESS assessments. Participants will leave with strategies for effectively instructing ELLs and other struggling students in their classrooms.

Licensure Explained – PM6

Do you understand how to get to your Professional License? This workshop will demystify the Massachusetts’ educator licensure requirements and procedures for advancing your license, adding a new license and keeping your current license active and valid.

Teacher Evaluation:  What Does Effectiveness Look Like? – PM7

By now you know that your teaching performance will be formally evaluated at least once this school year, for non-PTS teachers, or every other year for PTS teachers.  In the spring of 2011, Massachusetts created new rules on how teacher effectiveness should be assessed.  Do you know what effectiveness looks like?  Are you an effective teacher?  In this workshop, we’ll use a case study to explore the variables and challenges in answering those questions.

Demystifying the Common Core – PM8

The Common Core is currently being rolled out in districts across Massachusetts. What is the Common Core? This workshop will review the history of the Common Core and give educators at all levels the opportunity to take a close look at the new standards while discussing how this will impact your classroom.


2013 Massachusetts Teacher of the Year

Kathleen M. Turner teaches French at Sharon High School. “I knew since kindergarten that I wanted to teach,” said the newly named 2013 Massachusetts Teacher of the Year. Then, “on the first day of eighth grade French class, I went home to tell my parents that I would be a high school French teacher.” She has been doing exactly that at Sharon High School since 1994. She is the 51st recipient of the award – and the first French teacher.  

She has been instrumental in building the school’s French program. She also regularly takes students to Paris during spring break, plans annual trips to Quebec City, and has established an exchange program with a school in Rouen, France. Her students have demonstrated impressive results on the College Board’s AP French exam, according to the DESE. In the past six years, over 90 percent of the 123 students from Sharon High who took the exam scored a 3 or higher. 

Ms. Turner graduated from Northbridge High School. She received a bachelor of arts in French Studies from Harvard University in 1994, and a master of arts degree in French from Middlebury College in 1999. She also received a certificate of advanced graduate studies in educational leadership from Bridgewater State University.