Ad highlights Scott Brown’s votes to end unemployment benefits

The Rethink PAC has launched a new advertising campaign to call attention to Senator Scott Brown’s votes. is building on its successful first ad last month, which has been viewed more than 1.6 million times.

“Senator Brown says he understands the challenges facing Massachusetts families, but then votes against extending unemployment benefits and for bills that would make education more expensive,” said Liz Morningstar, senior strategist for Rethink PAC. “It’s important that voters have the facts to decide if Scott Brown’s record matches their values.”

Rethink’s latest ad features Brown speaking about high unemployment and rising energy and education costs. Brown states that he ran for office to “make things better” and “move our country forward.” The video then displays text highlighting his votes against extending unemployment benefits for 30,000 Massachusetts residents last summer and for a bill cutting Pell Grants for 135,000 students in the Commonwealth.

“Senator Brown finally joined the majority of Americans who oppose the reckless politics going on in the House of Representatives over the payroll tax cut,” said Morningstar. “But in the Senate, where his vote actually counts, Scott Brown voted three times to filibuster and delay earlier bills containing the tax cut, and he has voted against extending unemployment benefits eight times. He may call House Republicans’ tactics ‘irresponsible and wrong,’ but his own record is just as reckless.”

Rethink’s efforts are part of a year-long effort to educate Massachusetts voters with non-partisan, issue-based, and fact-focused information about how Senator Brown’s record has gone against the interests of the people of Massachusetts. Those interested in learning more about Brown’s record in the United States Senate can visit

The ads and website are paid for by Rethink PAC, to which the MTA contributes. They were not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.