MTA seeks pension improvements in conference

The MTA continues to be opposed to reducing pension benefits for future public employees. However, because the House and Senate have both approved bills that make reductions, we are now focused on making sure the final version of the legislation is improved as much as possible. Immediate action by members is needed!

The pension bill is now being considered by a six-member House-Senate conference committee that is charged with producing a final version that will face up-or-down votes in both branches, probably next week.

Please go to and urge your representative and senator to ask the conference committee members to support these provisions:

  • Allowing higher education employees enrolled in the Optional Retirement Plan to join the state retirement system. ORP provisions are contained in both the House and Senate bills.
  • Granting representatives of an employee organization on part-time leave the ability to be treated in the same manner as those on full-time leave. This no-cost provision is in the Senate bill, but not the House version.
  • Making changes to the formulas used in calculating benefits for long-serving employees to reduce the impact of the pension reductions on them. These changes can be made while still generating the savings the state says it needs over 30 years.