Massachusetts students top "Nation's Report Card" again

Massachusetts fourth- and eighth-graders once again led the nation in reading and mathematics performance on the recent National Assessment of Educational Progress exams, Governor Deval Patrick announced on November 1.
This is the fourth NAEP test in a row in which Massachusetts students have scored first or tied for first place. Since 2005, Bay State fourth- and eighth-graders have led the nation in performance on NAEP exams in both reading and math.
“I want to congratulate our educators and our students for continuing to produce such great results year after year,” MTA President Paul Toner said after the new results were announced. “I am incredibly proud of the MTA educators who give so much every day to give our students the knowledge and skills they need to succeed, despite the challenges they face in their classrooms.”
According to the 2011 NAEP results announced by the governor, Massachusetts students ranked first alone among states in fourth-grade reading and in eighth-grade mathematics and tied for first in fourth-grade math and eighth-grade reading. Massachusetts fourth-graders scored higher in reading since the last test in 2009, and scores held steady for fourth-graders in mathematics and for eighth-graders in reading.
“These promising results reaffirm our position as a national leader in education,” said Governor Patrick. “I am extremely proud of the work our students and teachers put in to achieve these results and remain committed to ensuring that every child is prepared for success in the classroom and beyond.”
Known as “The Nation's Report Card,” the NAEP is the federal government’s official measure of what American students know and can do in core academic subjects.
Governor Patrick, joined by Education Secretary Paul Reville and Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education Mitchell Chester, announced the latest NAEP results with students and teachers at the Cobbet Elementary School in Lynn.
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