Protect your voice in deciding health care coverage

Email your State Senator 

The MTA and other public-sector unions are willing to do our part to help reduce the cost of municipal health insurance during the current fiscal crisis. We have offered millions of dollars in savings to Massachusetts cities and towns. To ensure that the process is fair to everyone, we have proposed an expedited collective bargaining process.

In April, the House voted to change how health insurance coverage is decided for municipal employees by allowing cities and towns to make unilateral decisions about coverage – without collective bargaining. This restructuring could mean higher co-pays and deductibles for retirees on fixed incomes, people with chronic illnesses and working families. It could hit those who are vulnerable the hardest unless their unions have a real voice and can negotiate protections for those who need it most.

It’s not too late to act. The Senate will consider municipal health insurance very soon.

Ask your senator to do the right thing: to protect affordable health care by ensuring that educators, firefighters, police and other municipal employees have a real say in their coverage.

Email your State Senator 

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