MTA responds to municipal health insurance proposal in House Ways and Means budget

The House Ways and Means budget proposal released April 13 would give municipalities the unfettered right to enroll municipal employees in the Group Insurance Commission or make plan design changes to reach the GIC level, including increasing copayments and deductibles. None of these changes would be subject to collective bargaining.


 FY 2012 Budget Spreadsheets

The bill does require that 10 percent of the first-year savings be placed in a fund to be used for health care programs. The exact use of those funds would have to be negotiated between each municipality and its public employees.

"This assault on the collective bargaining rights of municipal employees is unwarranted and unnecessary," said MTA President Paul Toner. "We recognize that municipal health care costs are very high in many communities. That is why we released our own proposal to reduce costs, while still giving employees a voice in determining how those savings would be achieved. Our plan and the proposal by Governor Deval Patrick both honor collective bargaining in a much fairer way than this bill does. We are going to continue to fight in the Legislature for a balanced solution to the problem of high health care costs."

MTA's budget analysis

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