MTA New Teacher Webinars

New Teacher webinars are open to MTA members, or newly hired teachers in districts represented by MTA. These are designed to address new teacher concerns at appropriate times throughout the first year of practice.

Each course includes:

  • Reading in advance of an assigned article – upon registration, participants will be sent the link to the article.
  • Trainer introduction and overview of the session.
  • Brief introduction by participants.
  • Online PowerPoint presentation with opportunity to ask questions throughout.
  • Discussion among participants of content of article and presentation and issues raised by participants including breakout sessions and quizzes.
  • Guidance from trainer about extending the webinar learning through applications to teaching practices.

Topics include Managing Student Behavior, Working with Instructional Aides and Reading and Implementing IEPs. A full list of courses and description is posted here.

The spring online sememster opens Tuesday, March 22, 2011, and closes Thursday, June 9, 2011.

New Teacher Webinars Flyer

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