"It’s not about pay and benefits – it’s about fairness and justice."

The Massachusetts Teachers Association and other organizations are planning two Stand Up for Wisconsin Workers rallies on Tuesday, February 22 – one in Boston and one in Springfield – to show their solidarity with Wisconsin educators and other public employees who are threatened with losing their collective bargaining rights.

The rallies begin at 4 p.m. at the Massachusetts State House in Boston and city hall in Springfield.

From MTA President Paul Toner:

This rally is about the need for employees to retain a voice in their profession and their state’s future. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s bill would strip most public employees of their bargaining rights and destroy collaborative partnerships that have been established between labor and management to help students succeed and strengthen communities. It’s not about pay and benefits – it’s about fairness and justice.

In Massachusetts, we are fortunate to have a strong collective bargaining law and elected leaders who respect our rights under that law. We do not face the same kind of attacks that public employees are facing in Wisconsin and elsewhere. But our voices must be heard throughout the nation. We are planning this rally to show our support for those who are under attack because an attack on workers in one place can quickly turn into an attack on workers everywhere.


MA for Wisconsin Workers 

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