January/February/March 2011 issue of MTA Today

In this issue:

  • State called ‘America’s showcase’ for education
  • Loss of federal funds has impact on budget proposal January February March 2011
  • Editorial: Our success depends on you
  • MTA calls for new evaluation system
  • New program seeks to empower MTA locals
  • Retirees’ activism boosts pro-education candidates
  • MTA ramps up political organizing
  • New HELC chair discusses priorities
  • Health insurance changes sought
  • Single-payer system is MTA’s goal
  • Governor proposes pension changes
  • Conference helps new teachers hone their skills
  • Paolillo finds NEA post ‘exciting and energizing’
  • EMAC Conference focuses on empowerment
  • 'Unique and engaging program' set for ESPs
  • Nation to celebrate love of reading
  • Brousseau recommended for re-election
  • NEA higher ed conference to be held in Boston
  • Offset repeal effort to continue in new session
  • GLBT Issues Committee sponsors musical event

January, February, March 2011 Issue

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