Online Graduate Courses

The topics for the Spring 2011 semester are:

  • Using TeLLS Data to Address the Achievement Gaps (School & District Teams Only) 
  • Strategies for Instructing English Language Learners
  • Differentiating Instructional Practices
  • Developing a Standards-based Unit of Instruction
  • Creating Performance Asessment Tasks

The fee for each course is $495.

More Information, Syllabi and Online Registration

Online courses cover the same topics and require the same performance tasks as face-to-face courses. A three credit course has 12 sessions, a two credit course has eight sessions, and a one credit course has four sessions.

Because of the nature of online learning, the methodology and specific content is not the same. Online learning requires at least as much time as a face-to-face course.
  • These are completely online courses; there are no face-to-face meetings.
  • Participants must have an Internet connection and be able to use Microsoft Word in order to take these courses. There are no other technical requirements.
  • Course sessions begin on a Tuesday and end on a Monday. Sessions over holiday and vacation periods are two or three weeks in length; all others are one week.
  • Course participants are expected to log on at least three times per week to download assignments and readings, participate in discussion board forums, and upload completed performance tasks.
  • Districts wishing to offer an online course to a group of teachers should contact Beverly Eisenman, 1-800-392-6175, ext. 8362 or