November 30 is National Call-In Day to prevent Social Security cuts

Tell Congress: Don't Cut Social Security

Earlier this month, the Chairs of the National Fiscal Commission, meeting in Washington, D.C.,  released a draft proposal that would cut Social Security, including proposals to:

  • Raise the retirement age to 69
  • Cut benefits up to 35% for middle-income workers
  • Cut Social Security's cost-of-living adjustment, which doesn't pay enough as it is.

The full commission's recommendations are expected on December 1st.

No matter what the commission proposes, Congress can stop them from cutting Social Security.

Social Security belongs to the people who have paid for it. Don't let them cut it.

Participate in the National Call-In Day on November 30.  Call your Member of Congress at 1-866-529-7630. Tell Congress NO to Social Security benefit cuts. Hands off Social Security and Repeal the Social Security Offsets.