Waiting for Superman?

The film Waiting for Superman has generated an incredible amount of buzz in Massachusetts and across the nation. The media have taken hold of the controversial documentary and will not let go. From Time magazine to Oprah, the film is sparking conversations everywhere.

Waiting for Superman raises important issues and is a powerful and emotionally charged film, but it doesn’t tell the whole story or stick entirely to the facts. Instead, it makes the case that charter schools are the answer to the problems in our public education system. While there are some good charter schools, there are many more excellent public schools – a point that the filmmaker does not touch upon during the movie.

The public focus on public education is a good thing in the view of educators who have dedicated their lives to student success, even though the film spreads some myths about American public schools.

“We welcome the debate and discussion this movie has sparked,” said MTA President Paul Toner. “We are proud of our long-standing efforts to develop relationships and work collaboratively with key stakeholders in our public schools to close the achievement gap and ensure student success. Deep collaboration – not division – is what must rule the day as we move forward in our shared mission.”

To help distinguish between hard facts and hype, the MTA has put together some information about the documentary. These points are intended to help put Waiting for Superman in perspective and lead to thoughtful and meaningful conversations about the future of our schools.

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